Cover of  'Pink!'
What's a penguin to think when he wakes up pink?
Poor Patrick hates the idea of being different from all his friends, and sets off to Africa in search of pink flamingos who might accept a pink penguin. He soon discovers that colour isn't everything.

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Cover of Rowan the Red Squirrel“ width=
Rowan the Red Squirrel
Deep in the woods, in a crooked old tree,
lived two little squirrels, with Mum, who made three.
Hazel was brave - a flash and a flurry,
while Rowan was shy, and tended to worry.

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Cover of Skye the Puffling
Skye the Puffling
Remember Lewis the clown and Harris the hero? Now meet Skye, the little fluffy baby who made her first appearance between her dad Harris and mum Isla on the Isle of May. In this story Skye finds herself on an unexpected and dangerous adventure in Scotland's Firth of Forth.

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Cover of Never BITE a Tiger on the Nose
Never BITE a Tiger on the Nose!
Lola Rose and her friends are hungry for lunch, but what can they nibble on? A tiger's nose? A wrinkly elephant's bottom? Or will they discover something much more delicious?

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Cover of One Potato
One Potato
One potato is not at all happy about being eaten! He leads the farmer's wife on a wild potato chase through the garden, hoping she'll choose another vegetable to put in her soup. Will she catch him?

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Cover of Harris the Hero
Harris the Hero
In this sequel to Lewis Clowns Around, Harris the puffin has an exciting adventure of his own as he soars over the East Neuk of Fife, dodging flying golf balls and sailing over Anstruther Harbour.

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Cover of Clementine's Smile
Clementine's Smile
Clementine the crocodile has always got a sparkling smile. She is great fun to have around, until one day she has a toothache and her smile disappears. In this fun rhyming story, Clementine is not at all keen to visit the dentist, and she is rather naughty when she gets there!

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Cover of Lewis Clowns Around
Lewis Clowns Around
Lewis the puffin just doesn't fit in. The waves make him seasick, he hates eating fish and he's frightened of heights. What he really wants to be is a circus clown!

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Cover of  'Green'
I Do Not Eat the Colour Green
Marlene McKean loves all the colours of the rainbow - except for one. She absolutely hates the colour green! Here's a humorous look at fussy eating and a must-have for all children who don't eat their greens!

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Cover of  'Jacob O'Reilly Wants a Pet'
Jacob O'Reilly Wants a Pet
Jacob O' Reilly had tried all he could to convince mum and dad he'd be ever so good, an absolute angel, the greatest son yet, if only they'd let him have one little pet! But cats make Mum sneeze and Dad's sure dogs have fleas. Will Jacob ever be able to have a pet?

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Cover of  'I Win'
I Win!
Ella and Sam are twins who both want to win. Everything they do, from getting dressed in the morning to getting undressed at night, is a race! It's not until Nana comes to stay that the twins finally stop fighting for attention and learn to share.

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Cover of  'Jack's Bed'
Jack's Bed
Jack hates going to bed! Sometimes he wakes in the night and crawls into bed with Mum and Dad.
When Mum gives him a "stay-in-your-own-bed" present, Jack and his new friend Leopard stay snug and safe all night. In the daytime, they have lots of fun adventures together!

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Cover of  'Pip Likes Snow'
Pip Likes Snow
Pip loves all the things penguins do best - swimming, fishing, and sliding on the snow and ice. He invites tons of friends to his birthday party, then makes a special wish!

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teachers' packs'
Teachers' Packs
Are you a teacher looking for educational resources? I have developed a number of book bags to support teachers who want to explore topics like diversity, caring for pets, healthy eating and Scottish seabirds.

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